England Authority Board approves property exchange between St. Mary's and the EEIDD

The England Authority Board of Commissioners approved an important Memorandum of Understanding between St. Mary’s and the EEIDD to facilitate a property exchange between the parties.  St Mary’s, one of the nation’s leading centers regarding autism, leases property from the State of Louisiana near the end of AEX Runway 14/36.  England Airpark is working on a multi-year project called for in the Master Plan to extend the runway to 12,000 feet in length.  Working through programs such as the AEX Noise Mitigation Program, the England Authority is working to mitigate present and future aircraft noise impacts. The England Authority recently completed nearly $7 million in work to improve the building facilities at St. Mary’s to reduce the impact of noise on clients.  Now, working with St. Mary’s, the two entities are creating a win/win situation that will result in St. Mary’s ownership of approximately 62 acres while providing the England Authority the necessary land to pursue Airpark and AEX Master Plan goals.  With the adopted MOU, the parties will now move to perfect and approve the necessary documents to achieve the goals in the MOU.  The England Authority would like to thank the St. Mary’s Team for their hard work and cooperation in working through this complex issue.4