Named after community leader H.K. Stanley.

Alexandria International Airport (AEX) has been notified by the Federal Aviation Administration of the intent to fund over 18,000 feet of perimeter road surrounding the airfield. The purpose of the perimeter road is to provide an efficient route for security, emergency ARFF response and maintenance of the airfield.

England Airpark is happy to welcome King Entertainment as the new operator of the England Airpark Bowling Center. Joseph and Billy King love the game of bowling and are well known in the Central Louisiana bowling community.
The England Authority is advertising to fill 3 positions! They are: General Maintenance and Repair Technician; General Maintenance Technician and Wildlife Management/General Maintenance Technician.
AEX would like to remind travelers that the drive thru at the James L. Meyer Commercial Terminal is a loading zone only.
The England Airpark Community Center has been the center of thousands of memorable moments in our community. Prior to closure of England Air Force Base it was the center of social activity for forty years.