England Airpark took another step forward with the England Authority Board of Commissioners fully funding the projected cost of the new Rental Car Access Road presently out for construction bids.  This exciting project will open industrial access to over 50 acres of property. 

England Airpark continued its progress in the Part 150 Noise Program by executing a new contract with Deborah Murphy Lagos & Associates to act as the Program Coordinator. 

England Airpark is happy to announce a new two year lease with IPC that will enable the continued support of business operations and support of the Proctor & Gamble complex.  IPC came to this community approximately eight years ago and has created over 50 jobs.  Thank you IPC for choosing to locate in Central Louisiana and at England Airpark.

The England Authority set new signatory and non-signatory landing fees at AEX after 20 years of maintaining same fee level.  To meet the requirements of self-sufficiency and FAA requirements of reasonable rates, the England Authority set new landing fees at AEX commencing January 1, 2015. 

LEESVILLE, La.--Fort Polk Progress is deep into planning for the listening session set for March 3 in Leesville.

England Airpark continues to take a positive step forward with the development of a warehouse/manufacturing and distribution complex with the authorization of execution of a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the State of Louisiana to begin the process of planning  and engineering.  This is a multi-year multi-step process that will develop modern manufacturing/warehousing space to be