Oak Wing Set to host 20th Annual Bishop's Tournament October 12th



The England Authority Board of Commissioners adopted a motion declaring October 4-10, 2015, as England Airpark Fire Prevention Week.
The England Airpark Fire Department will host an open house on Saturday October 10, 2015
10 am -2 pm
1329 Billy Mitchell Blvd.
(next to the Airport Terminal)

In an exciting announcement, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded England Airpark/AEX a grant of $7 million to continue the AEX Neighborhood Noise Mitigation Program. The purpose of the Neighborhood Noise Mitigation Program is to relocate residents who are impacted by aircraft noise generated by operations to and from the Alexandria International Airport.

The England Authority recently awarded Merrick Construction a $6.5 million contract to rehabilitate the North Ramp at Alexandria International Airport. 
This project is Phase One of Two with a total project amount of $9 million. 
The project will generate approximately 20 jobs.

Alexandria International Airport completed a $523,225 Taxiway Bravo Rehabilitation project. The project generated approximately 10 construction jobs. The projected cleaned and sealed approximately 20 miles of joints and repaired areas of spalled concrete. Periodic projects such as this are required to preserve and protect the capital investments on the airfield.