September 2015 Alexandria Intentional Airport received a grant in the amount of $6,593,187 for the Rehabilitation of the North Ramp from Federal Aviation Administration Military Airport Program (MAP).

The Military Airport Program (MAP) is a grant set-aside from the FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

The England Authority just completed its review of Alexandria International Airports five year seventy five million dollar Capital Improvement Plan. The five year plan is comprised of projects that will maintain the airport and promote a safe operating environment for years to come.

Some of the projects included in the plan are:

Story Courtesy of The Town Talk
Written by" Jeff Mathews

The next time a “game changing” industry wants to take a hard look at locating in Central Louisiana, stakeholders need to be ready.

Story Courtesy of The Town Talk
By: Richard Sharkey

To help make his case to members of the state's congressional delegation for improvements at Alexandria International Airport, England Authority Executive Director Jon Grafton brought a bag of aging concrete to show them.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Ralph Abraham, M.D., R-Alto, announced Monday that the England Economic & Industrial Development District has been selected for the Military Airport Program (MAP).

Washington, D.C.-- Fort Polk Progress members were invited to speak during a national summit last month, serving as panelists during a workshop that focused on building community partnerships with nearby military installations.