England Airpark / Alexandria International Airport

When beginning a master plan, one is always concerned about context. The England Authority had produced in 1994 the Base Reuse Plan and in 1998 the Airport Master Plan. Both plans were developed to meet requirements for redevelopment of the facility. Both plans have been nationally recognized for their structure and content. The 1998 plan built upon the successful ideas of the basic Base Reuse Plan. The 2009 update was required by the Federal Aviation Administration to map out development for the next 20 years at England Airpark.

New ARFF Equipment at AEX

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) is a vital component to operating an airport.  At AEX we continue to invest in equipment to create a state of the art department.  Recently delivered was a Oshkosh Striker 3000.  This 3,000 gallon primary response vehicle cost $800,000.  Expected to be delivered within the next 30 days is an Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)/Reserve Class A.  This state of the art rescue and firefighting responder cost $315,000.  Both pieces of equipment join a stable of advanced equipment that ensures AEX can and will respond effectively to any aircraft emergency.

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