England Airpark Heavy Industrial Site W2

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173.39 KB 4-Application (EEIDD) 4-1-15
2.91 MB Exhibit 1-USGS Quad Map
1.26 MB Exhibit 2-Aerial Imagery
5.89 MB Exhibit 3-Boundary Surveys (11x17)
1.14 MB Exhibit 4-Engineer's Letter on Land Use and Zoning
1.43 MB Exhibit 5-Topographical Map
60.81 KB Exhibit 6- Roster of Owners
389.83 KB Exhibit 7a-General Location Map
448.05 KB Exhibit 7b-Site General Boundary Map
1.07 MB Exhibit 7c-Transportation Map (50 Mile Radius)
667.93 KB Exhibit 7d-Master Development Plan
2.88 MB Exhibit 7e Site Map w Existing Roadways & Proposed Transportation Improvements
13.29 KB Exhibit 7e.1-Roadway Reconstruction (Rapides Station Rd)-Opinion of Probable Cost
641.47 KB Exhibit 8a-Water Service Map
567.66 KB Exhibit 8b-Wastewater Service Map
1.1 MB Exhibit 8c-Electrical Service Map
629.55 KB Exhibit 8d-Natural Gas Service Map
603.88 KB Exhibit 8e-Telecommunications Service Map
561.74 KB Exhibit 9-USDA NRCS Soil Survey Map
1.19 MB Exhibit 10-National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) Map
860.67 KB Exhibit 11-Wetlands Delineation (Narrative Report and Overall Map Only)
2.32 MB Exhibit 12-FEMA Flood Map
1.06 MB Exhibit 13 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Executive Summaries Only)
827.62 KB Exhibit 14-Endangered Species Study (Narrative Report Only)
639.67 KB Exhibit 15-Phase I Cultural Resources Survey (Abstract Only)
668.08 KB Exhibit 16- Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation Services Report (Narrative Report Only)
30.76 KB Exhibit 17-Title Opinions with Abstracts (Cover Sheet)
9.43 MB Exhibit 18-Tax Assessor Plat
88.93 KB Exhibit 19a-Proposed Water Service Improvements-Opinion of Probable Cost
30.62 KB Exhibit 19b-Cover Sheet
217.14 KB Exhibit 19b-Letter from COA Regarding Excess Capacity
681.55 KB Exhibit 19-Proposed Water Service Improvements
87.54 KB Exhibit 20a-Proposed Wastewater Service Improvements-Opinion of Probable Cost
1.1 MB Exhibit 20b - Wastewater Pre-Treatment Requirements
617.09 KB Exhibit 20-Proposed Wastewater Service Improvements
1.1 MB Exhibit 21- Proposed Electrical Service Improvements
138.76 KB Exhibit 21a-Proposed Electrical Service Improvements-Opinion of Probable Cost
662.86 KB Exhibit 22 Proposed Natural Gas Service Improvements
91.62 KB Exhibit 22a-Proposed Natural Gas Service Improvements-Opinion of Probable Cost
772.35 KB Exhibit 23-Proposed Telecommunications Service Improvements
91.62 KB Exhibit 23a-Proposed Telecommunications Service Improvements-Opinion of Probable Cost
99.89 KB Exhibit 24a-Proposed Rail Service Improvements-Opinion of Probable Cost
598.03 KB Exhibit 24-Proposed Rail Service Improvements
220.37 KB Example 25-Schedule for Proposed Improvements
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5.13 MB Volume 2 Ex 14-Endangered Species Study (Full Report)
5.23 MB Volume 2 Ex 15-Phase I Cultural Resources Survey (Full Report)
2.44 MB Volume 2 Ex 16-Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation Services Report (Full Report)
30.6 KB Voume 2 Ex 17- Title Opinions with Abstracts (Cover Sheet)
5.32 MB Volume 2 Ex 17- Title Opinions with Abstracts
26.84 MB Volume3 (Separate) Ex13a - 253.2± Acres Owned by Peter Dekeyzer
23.26 MB Volume3 (Separate) Ex 13b - 55± Acres Owned by Maria Barrileaux
23.23 MB Volume 3 (Separate) Ex13c - 57.4 Acres Owned by Jerome Dekeyzer, Et Ux
23.57 MB Volume 3 (Separate) Ex13d - 303.47± Acres Owned by Oxland Plantation, LLC
23.26 MB Volume 3 (Separate) Ex13e - 23.49± Acres Owned by Joe Brown, Et Ux
22.65 MB Volume 3 (Separate) Ex13f - 157.37± Acres Owned by Jerome Dekeyzer, Et Ux
22.55 MB Volume3 (Separate) Ex13g - 2.623± Acres Owned by Peter Dekeyzer, Et Ux

Site Certifications

Site certifications under development

Contact Information

David H. Broussard, Jr.
Airpark Development Manager
England Economic and Industrial Development District

o. 318-427-6407

1611 Arnold Drive | Alexandria | LA | 71303

Additional Information