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Deputy Director, England Airpark
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1611 Arnold Drive, Alexandria, LA 71303

General Aviation Airport


Foreign Trade Zones


List all required environmental / building permits (add additional rows for other required permits).

Permits Approval Authority Minimum and Maximum Number of Days from Application to Approval Application Procedures
AirLDEQ2-6 monthsDraft permit preparation from application, public notice, public comments, resolution of comments, final permit preparation
Ground waterLDEQNo permit required
WastewaterLDEQ4-6 months depending on quantity producedSee air permit
Hazardous materialsLDEQ300-350 daysSee air permit
BuildingEngland Authority1 weekApply at England Authority

Current Air Quality Status

Indicate the status of the site location in regards to federal air polution regulations.

Pollutant Attainment Non-Attainment Under Review
Ozone (8-Hour)X
Ozone (1-Hour)X
Carbon MonoxideX
Particulate Matter 10X
Particulate Matter 2.5X
Sulfur DioxideX
Nitrogen DioxideX

Permitting Process

Ambulance / EMT




Please provide the following statistics.

- District 1 District 2 (if necessary) District 3 (if necessary)
Pinecrest State SchoolRapides Parish Schools
Elementary school enrollment14,443
Secondary school enrollment9,391
Total spending per student$9007
Instructional spending per student$6513
Student / teacher ratio - elementary14
7th Grade - Standard Achievement TestLEAP
7th Grade - Avg score for SAT67% proficient
% of students taking the ACT test65%
Average ACT score19.9
% of students taking the SAT test0%
Average SAT scoreN/A
% of high school seniors attending college81%
% of high school seniors entering the labor market19%
High school graduates1055
Mandatory competency test for high school graduation (Yes or No)Yes
If "Yes", % of students passing on first attempt61%
Number of public school districts in the parish1

Labor Management Relations

List the 10 largest companies unionized within 50 miles of site.

- Company Industry Union Employees % of Employees Unionized
1Dresser IndustriesValvesIAM20060%
2Cabot CorporationCarbon blackUFCW8685%

Percentage of unionization in the private sector.

- Number of union strikes Number of lost production days Number of manufacturing union elections Number of of manufacturing union election wins

Training Resources

Community colleges / vocations / technology schools / quick job centers serving the area.

- Name of training resource Distance from site Industries served Number of graduates per year
1Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC)10 miles


Ten largest employers in Rapides Parish.

- Company Industry Employees
1Rapides Parish School BoardPublic education3000
2CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini HospitalGeneral medical / surgical hospital1247
3Rapides Regional Medical CenterGeneral medical / surgical hospital1200
4Veterans Affairs Medical CenterGeneral medical / surgical hospital925
5City of AlexandriaMunicipal government900
6Union Tank CarRail cars620
7Proctor & GambleDetergents (liquids & dry)600
8Central Louisiana State HospitalMental health care-public550
9Camp BeauregardMilitary405

Rapides Parish employment statistics for five years. (2010-2015)

- Labor force Employment Unemployment Unemployment rate
Indicate the number of people employed in manufacturing within 50 miles of site.

Recent closings or layoffs in Rapides Parish.

- Company Industry Employees Year

Ten most recent new or expanding project announcements in Rapides Parish.

- Company Industry Employees Year
1Eclectic ProductsAdhesive manufacturing+122014
2Crest IndustriesUtility Infrastructure+902014
3Hayes ManufacturingAdvanced metal machining+752013
4Cool Planet Energy SystemsBio-refinery242013
5Proctor & GambleDetergents+1002012
6Sutherland GlobalBusiness process outsourcing+2002012
7Sundrop FuelsBio-Fuels+1502012
Indicate the total emplyment within 50 miles of site.

Ten largest manufacturers in Rapides Parish.

- Company Industry Employees
1Union Tank CarRail cars620
2Proctor & GambleDetergents600
3Dresser ConsolidatedValves420
4DISTRAN - Packaged SubstationsUtility equipment310
5Interstate Brand BakeryBakery262
6Baker Manufacturing / MetierOffice furniture260
7Plastipak Packaging, Inc.Plastic products250
8Boisse CascadeBuilding materials200
9AFCO - IndustriesFabricated metal188
10Integrated PackagingBoxes35